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Mount Everest Leadership and Team Simulation is a web-based, multimedia multi-user simulation that uses the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition to reinforce student learning about leading effective team decision-making processes. The challenge course involves a series of activities that require various degrees of teamwork, problem solving, collaboration, cooperation, and open communications.

Each participant assumes a different role and is given resources and information that his or her team must process effectively to make a series of critical decisions about the timing and execution of hiking along successive camps in its ascent to the summit. The teaching points for the exercise focus on how teams make complex decisions when critical information is distributed unevenly among members and when members have partially conflicting goals.
Learn how to build, participate in, and lead teams more effectively. Specifically:
  • Solve problems and overcome classic team decision-making pitfalls
  • Examine how teams can improve the way they make decisions
  • Explore how different leadership approaches can affect team performance in situations with time and competitive pressures
  • Target Attendees
    Defense acquisition, technology and logistics management workforce organizations interested in improving their team and individual’s performance.
    Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable as a substitute for this course until the acceptance date specified below.)
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    Course Length
    4 hrs
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Workshop
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  • Training conducted by DAU faculty who are certified by Franklin/Covey.