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*   DAU Directive 704, Attachment 5 addresses the requirement that students must meet course prerequisite requirements for registration.
*  Individual course prerequisites are found within the course concept card and can be accessed from the Training Courses page.
*  Download a
consolidated listing of required course prerequisites.



* The Predecessor Courses listed below are retired from DAU and are no longer offered.

* Predecessor Courses are acceptable for meeting current DAU course prerequisite requirements when the course for which it applies is  scheduled to start prior to the expiration of the predecessor course.

* Predecessor Courses are also acceptable for meeting current acquisition career field certification and/or unique position training   standards if it has not expired at time of application.

* The expiration date is the date prior to the “Accepted Until” listed in the below chart.

DesignatorDesignatorTitlePDS CodeAccepted Until
ACQ 120PMT 202Multinational Program ManagementPAJ1 Oct 2015
ACQ 1300ACQ 130Fundamentals of Technology Security/Transfer (FTS/T)ZWL10/01/2021
ACQ 1700ISA 230Intermediate Agile AcquisitionZB010/1/2021
ACQ 202ACQ 201AIntermediate Systems Acquisition, Part AJHJ1 Oct 2016
 ▲ OR ▼   
ACQ 201Intermediate Systems AcquisitionJHA1 Oct 2016
ACQ 203ACQ 201BIntermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BJHK1 Oct 2016
 ▲ OR ▼   
ACQ 201Intermediate Systems AcquisitionJHA1 Oct 2016
ACQ 203VACQ 201BIntermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BJHK10/01/2016
 ▲ OR ▼   
ACQ 201Intermediate Systems AcquisitionJHA10/01/2016
ACQ 256ACQ 255Services Acquisition Management Tools CourseZBX INDEF
ACQ 340PMT 304Advanced International Management WorkshopPALINDEF
ACQ 370LAW 801Acquisition LawJHHINDEF
BCF 110BCF 103Fundamentals of Business Financial ManagementPGC10/1/2018
 ▲ OR ▼   
BCF 201Systems Acquisition Funds ManagementPCW10/1/2010
 ▲ OR ▼   
BFM 201Systems Acquisition Funds ManagementPCW10/1/2010
BCF 130BCF 106Fundamentals of Cost AnalysisJH110/1/2018
 ▲ OR ▼   
BCF 101Fundamentals of Cost AnalysisQ1A10/1/2018
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