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Student Academic and Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook, Part 5 addresses the requirement that students must meet course prerequisite requirements for registration.

*  Individual course prerequisites are found within the course concept card and can be accessed from the Training Courses page.

*  Download a consolidated listing of required course prerequisites.



*   The Predecessor Courses listed below are retired from DAU and are no longer offered.

*   Predecessor Courses are acceptable for meeting current DAU course prerequisite requirements when the course for which it applies is  scheduled to start prior to the expiration of the predecessor course.

*   Predecessor Courses are also acceptable for meeting current acquisition career field certification and/or unique position training   standards if it has not expired at time of application.

*   Predecessor Courses may not be used to complete Defense Acquisition Credential Requirements. If you have completed a predecessor course, consider exercising the fulfillment program to gain credit for the current credential requirement.

Click here to download consolidated predecessors
DesignatorDesignatorTitlePDS CodeExpires On
ACQ 0030CLM 003Overview of Acquisition EthicsZMA09/30/2022
ACQ 1010ACQ 101Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition ManagementBU509/30/2022
ACQ 2020ACQ 202Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A ZX609/30/2022
ACQ 2030ACQ 203Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BZX709/30/2023
ACQ 2030VACQ 203Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BZX709/30/2023
BCE 1000BCF 130Fundamentals of Cost AnalysisBZ909/30/2023
 ▲ AND ▼   
BCF 132Applied Cost AnalysisZGJ09/30/2023
BCE 2000VBCF 230Intermediate Cost AnalysisZZA09/30/2024
BCE 3000BCF 331Advanced Concepts in Cost AnalysisZGK09/30/2024
BCF 206BCE 206Cost Risk AnalysisQ2CINDEF
BCF 206VBCE 206Cost Risk AnalysisQ2CINDEF
BFM 3000BCF 301Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Management WorkshopBZF09/30/2024
CLV 016CLB 016 Introduction to Earned Value ManagementZBHINDEF
CLV 017CLB 017Performance Measurement BaselineZBIINDEF
CLV 018CLB 018Earned Value and Financial Management ReportsZBJINDEF
CLV 019CLB 019Estimate at CompletionZBKINDEF
CLV 020CLB 020Baseline MaintenanceZBLINDEF
CMC 2001CMC 200Fees, Financing, and PaymentsZXB09/30/2022
 ▲ AND ▼   
CMC 202Advanced Contract Administration TopicsBZ409/30/2022
CME 103QA-MFG103 DCMAManufacturing & Delivery Surveillance INDEF
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