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*   DAU Directive 704, Attachment 5 addresses the requirement that students must meet course prerequisite requirements for registration.
*  Individual course prerequisites are found within the course concept card and can be accessed from the Training Courses page.
*  Download a
consolidated listing of required course prerequisites.



* The Predecessor Courses listed below are retired from DAU and are no longer offered.

* Predecessor Courses are acceptable for meeting current DAU course prerequisite requirements when the course for which it applies is  scheduled to start prior to the expiration of the predecessor course.

* Predecessor Courses are also acceptable for meeting current acquisition career field certification and/or unique position training   standards if it has not expired at time of application.

* The expiration date is the date prior to the “Accepted Until” listed in the below chart.

DesignatorDesignatorTitlePDS CodeAccepted Until
ACQ 0060CLM 006Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) for Services AcquisitionZG209/30/2021
ACQ 1010ACQ 101Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition ManagementBU509/30/2022
ACQ 120PMT 202Multinational Program ManagementPAJ1 Oct 2015
ACQ 1300ACQ 130Fundamentals of Technology Security/Transfer (FTS/T)ZWL10/01/2021
ACQ 1650ACQ 165Defense Acquisition of ServicesB0609/30/2021
ACQ 1700ISA 230Intermediate Agile AcquisitionZB010/01/2021
ACQ 1700VISA 230Intermediate Agile AcquisitionZB010/01/2021
ACQ 202ACQ 201AIntermediate Systems Acquisition, Part AJHJ1 Oct 2016
 ▲ OR ▼   
ACQ 201Intermediate Systems AcquisitionJHA1 Oct 2016
ACQ 203ACQ 201BIntermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BJHK1 Oct 2016
 ▲ OR ▼   
ACQ 201Intermediate Systems AcquisitionJHA1 Oct 2016
ACQ 203VACQ 201BIntermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BJHK10/01/2016
 ▲ OR ▼   
ACQ 201Intermediate Systems AcquisitionJHA10/01/2016
ACQ 256ACQ 255Services Acquisition Management Tools CourseZBX INDEF
ACQ 3700ACQ 370Acquisition LawJJA09/30/2023
 ▲ OR ▼   
LAW 801Acquisition LawJHH09/30/2023
ACQ 3700VACQ 370Acquisition LawJJA09/30/2023
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