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Student Academic and Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook, Part 5 addresses the requirement that students must meet course prerequisite requirements for registration.

*  Individual course prerequisites are found within the course concept card and can be accessed from the Training Courses page.

*  Download a consolidated listing of required course prerequisites.



*   The Predecessor Courses listed below are retired from DAU and are no longer offered.

*   Predecessor Courses are acceptable for meeting current DAU course prerequisite requirements when the course for which it applies is  scheduled to start prior to the expiration of the predecessor course.

*   Predecessor Courses are also acceptable for meeting current acquisition career field certification and/or unique position training   standards if it has not expired at time of application.

*   Predecessor Courses may not be used to complete Defense Acquisition Credential Requirements. If you have completed a predecessor course, consider exercising the fulfillment program to gain credit for the current credential requirement.

Click here to download consolidated predecessors
DesignatorDesignatorTitlePDS CodeExpires On
ACQ 0030CLM 003Overview of Acquisition EthicsZMA09/30/2022
ACQ 1010ACQ 101Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition ManagementBU509/30/2022
ACQ 2020ACQ 202Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A ZX609/30/2022
ACQ 2030ACQ 203Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BZX709/30/2023
ACQ 2030VACQ 203Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part BZX709/30/2023
BCE 1000BCF 130Fundamentals of Cost AnalysisBZ909/30/2023
 ▲ AND ▼   
BCF 132Applied Cost AnalysisZGJ09/30/2023
BCE 2000VBCF 230Intermediate Cost AnalysisZZA09/30/2024
BCE 3000BCF 331Advanced Concepts in Cost AnalysisZGK09/30/2024
BFM 3000BCF 301Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Management WorkshopBZF09/30/2024
CMC 2001CMC 200Fees, Financing, and PaymentsZXB09/30/2022
 ▲ AND ▼   
CMC 202Advanced Contract Administration TopicsBZ409/30/2022
CON 1100VCON 091Contract FundamentalsZF909/30/2023
 ▲ AND ▼   
CON 100Shaping Smart Business ArrangementsJHE09/30/2023
 ▲ AND ▼   
CON 121Contract PlanningZRS09/30/2023
 ▲ AND ▼   
CON 124Contract ExecutionZRT09/30/2023
CON 1200VCON 091Contract FundamentalsZF909/30/2023
 ▲ AND ▼   
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