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This site is intended for individuals seeking to learn about obtaining credit for non DAU-delivered coursework via the DAU Equivalency Program.
Organizations desiring to participate in the DAU Equivalency Program as an authorized provider must visit the Equivalent Provider Resource Site.
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The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) provides the opportunity for other organizations (colleges and universities, DoD schools, other federal agencies, commercial vendors, and professional societies) to offer courses, programs or certifications which DAU will accept as equivalent to one or more DAU courses if, upon evaluation of the organization's materials and standards, they adequately address the DAU course learning outcomes for a select DAU course(s). 

DAU and the Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition & Sustainment (USD(A&S)) accept, without further assessment of the student/workforce member, the equivalent course/program completions an individual has pursued through other resources when fulfilling DAU course prerequisite and/or program (acquisition career field certification) training requirements.

For a complete listing of currently acceptable (those acceptable for current training requirements) equivalencies and former equivalencies, select the link below that best describes the source.

Colleges and Universities DoD Schools Other DoD/Federal Agencies Civilian Organizations & Professional Societies Commercial Vendors

Please Note:

  • DAU does not evaluate course material for credit at the request of individual students or Defense Acquisition workforce members. It is incumbent upon the organization to request equivalency status and have select material assessed against the appropriate DAU course learning outcomes and assessment standards. Defense Acquisition workforce members desiring credit for completed coursework of non-equivalent courses or for completed coursework of equivalencies that have expired and are no longer appropriate for meeting acquisition career field certification training standards, should consider using the DAU fulfillment program.

  • The authority to validate an Defense Acquisition workforce member's equivalent training has been delegated to the DoD agencies and components. Defense Acquisition workforce members desiring to have equivalent training entered into their acquisition training records must consult with their acquisition career management office for process guidance.

  • Beginning April 1, 2008, equivalencies completed by students as well as approved fulfillments reflected in the Army Training Requirements Resource System (ATRRS) will also be reflected on the student's official DAU transcript. It is the student's and component's responsibility to ensure equivalencies and fulfillments are properly recorded.