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This site is intended for current and potential DAU equivalent course providers.
Individuals seeking to learn about obtaining credit for non DAU coursework must visit Alternate Means of Obtaining Course Credit.

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is charged with developing and delivering a continuum of coursework to support the consistent and continuous development of the Defense Acquisition Workforce's capabilities as they relate to effectively and efficiently implementing the Defense Acquisition System.

To better support these mission requirements and to recognize other viable sources of education and training, DAU is interested in partnering with other education and training providers that offer or desire to offer courses, programs of instruction, or assessment processes that are substantially similar to the learning outcomes addressed in specific DAU courses.

For current and potential providers, the below links will provide you with the detailed information on the program and required files for submitting provider and product packages.

For potential providers - Overview / Quick Reference

DAU Directive 708 – Course Equivalency Program*











DAU Directive 708


Potential providers download and complete Attachment 2. Digitally sign or manually sign and scan as a PDF file and email as a PDF file to: [email protected]


In the email, include the Name, Phone Number and email address as your organizations point of contact for administering the program at your organization.   


Alterations to the MOU are not permitted.

  Process Flow Charts

Attachment 1

  Memorandum of Understanding

Attachment 2

  Equiv Provider Application

Attachment 3

  Equiv Provider Evaluation Sheet

Attachment 4

  Equiv Product Review Request

Attachment 5

  Equiv Product Information/Questionnaire

Attachment 6

  Equiv Product Evaluation Sheet

Attachment 7

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