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(Last Modified:12-Apr-2024)

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  • Asynchronous/Self-Paced = 30 Days before workshop begins, learning content will be available in DAU MS Teams and you will be allocated the DAU OneDrive. 7 Days before the workshop begins, the DAU Digital Engineering Virtual Desktop will be allocated, and you can begin completing the workshop.
  • Digital Acquisition Modeling Workshop introduces students to the world of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and walks them through the development and transition of a new weapon system, the Photon Torpedo. It starts with understanding the DAU Digital Engineering Ecosystem and stakeholder needs through SysML Use Case Diagrams, establishes system requirements using SysML Requirements Diagrams, explores the structure of the system in SysML Block Definition Diagrams, and analyzes the behavior of the system using SysML Activity Diagrams. This workshop is appropriate for all functional areas and covers more digital acquisition topics of interest to the Cross-Functional workforce at all leadership levels. It continues the development of the Photon Torpedo, looking inward with SysML Internal Block Diagrams. System behavior is further refined with SysML Sequence Diagrams and SysML State Machine Diagrams. The course wraps up with an exploration of SysML Parametric Diagrams and the conduct of a trade study within the model through simulation.
  • Objectives
    Upon completion of this course, the learner will have created models for systems and processes using the DAU Digital Engineering Ecosystem. Magic Systems of Systems Architect (v2022x) is the Integrated Modeling Environment software tool used on the Digital Engineering Virtual Desktop.
    Target Attendees
    Any workforce member involved in transitioning from Document Based Acquisition to Machine-Readable and Model Based Acquisition.
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    Course Length
    11 days
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    Delivery Mode Workshop
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    Availability All
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  • Walk-ins are not authorized.
  • This is a 100% Self-Paced-Immersive course, NO lectures nor instructions other than video and workbooks.
  • “Office Hours” are conducted via DAU MS Teams from 1200-1300 EST.
  • All Asynchronous Model Immersion workshops use DAU’s Digital Engineering Virtual Desktop Environment, DAU MS Teams, and DAU OneDrive (students will be provisioned with this access and students must use a DAU provisioned account).
  • Students will be provisioned by DAU a license to these tools 1 week prior to the actual start and can begin accessing the workshop.
  • DAU does not reimburse student phone/internet charges.