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(Last Modified:25-Mar-2024)

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The purpose of this workshop is to provide a framework for selecting an Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) Pathway or combination of pathways that best suites the needs of a given program when considering the program’s unique needs, including cost, schedule, performance, leadership direction, risk, and program dependencies. The objective is to guide students to their own solution that emphasizes speed with acceptable risk.
  • Students will be presented an overview of the AAF, with an in-depth discussion of each pathway’s specific requirements (statutory and regulatory), examples of tailoring, and examples of combining pathways or pathway attributes.
  • There are two versions of the AAF Pathway selection workshop.
    A. The first is a two-day facilitated workshop where students will be presented several scenarios for new start programs and step through the process of selecting an AAF pathway or combination of pathways to execute a program. The objective is the select an approach that emphasizes speed and best supports the needs of the program. Students will be required to justify their recommendation and will receive facilitator and class feedback.
  • B. The second version is a tailored workshop that follows the same process and leverages the same presentation materials but is tailored to the program’s situation versus an exercise scenario. This is a facilitated workshop that includes the presentation materials above but is tailored using a using the program’s unique artifacts and requirements (i.e., requirements documents, leadership direction, service specific guidelines).
  • Objectives
    The objectives of this workshop are to familiarize students with the adaptive acquisition framework and the key considerations that should be considered when selecting a pathway that best supports the needs of the program when balancing cost, schedule, and risk.
    Target Attendees
    Defense Acquisition Workforce members in any functional area who have achieved Advanced Certification
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    Course Length
    1 - 3 Days (tailored to size and complexity of the program)
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    Delivery Mode Workshop
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    • Workshop may be conducted virtually via MS Teams or in-person.
    • Fee-For-Service arrangements may be required.
    • DAU does not reimburse student phone/internet charges.