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This is an Online Training (OLT) course. One of the major cost elements when analyzing any contractor proposal is labor. All major contractors (and many mid-tier and smaller contractors as well) use some level of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to manage the many business systems that exist within the corporation. There are a variety of ERP systems, but most major defense contractors use a system called SAP. SAP is a useful tool for contracting personnel since we can work with our counterparts at the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) to “pull” data from the SAP system to use in our analysis. This data consists of actual, historical data for the same or similar program. One such report is the CJI3 report. This is a standardized report used to analyze proposed costs using actual historical data. In this course, you'll learn about ERP systems and how to import data from SAP into Excel and analyze support and touch labor on a major program.

In order to successfully complete this course, students should have a strong Excel background to include the ability to import Excel data from an SAP database, create pivot tables, and run a learning curve analysis on the data. To learn more about these skills or to refresh your excel skills, DAU offers an Excel credential, CCON 018, Excel Skills for Business Credential as well as the recommended prerequisite courses below which allow you to tailor your training.

Those courses include:
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Target Attendees
Any acquisition workforce member who needs to analyze labor on a major program using ERP data
See the Notes section of this course's concept card for recommended prerequisites.
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Course Length
Approximately 1 hour to complete
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Delivery Mode Online Training
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Availability Department of Defense (DoD) Only
PDS Code 03S
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Pre-work required No
First Offering 11/21/2023
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Recommended Prerequisites: Additional Information:
  • Any exams in this course must be passed with a minimum score of 80%.
  • There is no time limit for completing this course.
  • After completing the course, please be sure to complete the survey at the end.
  • The CLPs assigned to this learning activity may be used to meet professional certification and/or licensure requirements (PDUs/CPE credits).