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This classroom (CLRM) course is designed to help prepare the Life Cycle Logistician to perform in a senior-level life cycle logistics role with emphasis on developing and implementing a life cycle product support strategy. Learners will apply tools and techniques from the 12-step DoD Product Support Strategy Process Model in analyzing and comparing alternative product support strategies for adoption. The course challenges learners to think critically in instructor-facilitated group exercises to justify and make sound recommendations in developing and implementing product support strategies and product support arrangements that provide a best-value mix of product support integrators, product support providers, and product support metrics to achieve Warfighter outcome-based requirements. This course combines asynchronous review of critical DoD policies, includes videos from other functional areas, in support of a group-developed final project.
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Target Attendees
DAWIA foundational tier certified Life Cycle Logisticians who wish to perform in a senior-level life cycle logistics role and/or are seeking Advanced tier certification.
  • LOG 104, Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM)
  • LOG 1050, Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management
  • LOG 2010, Product Support Strategy Development, Part B
  • LOG 2350, Performance Based Logistics (PBL)
See the "Notes" section of this course's concept card.
Predecessor Course(s)
Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Expires On
LOG 340 Life Cycle Product Support Z10 30-Sep-2023
Course Length
5 days
Additional Course Information
Delivery Mode Classroom
Equivalent Courses None
ACE Recommended Credits YES
PDS Code HG2
Walk-ins Authorized Yes
Pre-work required Yes [approx. 9 hour(s)]
First Offering 4/18/2022
Continuing Education Units   4.2
Continuous Learning Points  42
Reservist Retirement Points  0
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Fulfillment Eligible YES
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Recommended Prerequisites:
  • ACQ 2030, Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B
  • LOG 0050, Developing a Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP)
  • LOG 0150, Product Support Business Case Analysis (BCA)
  • LOG 0160, Independent Logistics Assessments (ILA)
Additional Information:
  • The CLPs assigned to this learning activity may be used to meet professional certification and/or licensure requirements (PDUs/CPE credits).

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