WSB 018 50 Questions/50 More Questions Every Financial Analyst Should Be Able to Answer

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“50 Questions” walks newish budget analysts through many of the questions a great budget analysis should be able to answer about his/her accounts and programs . . . questions with words like apportioned, balance, BTR, reconciliation, earned value, closeout, audit support, expired, lifecycle, expenditure rates, DCMA-approved rates, FM&C's policy. “50 More Questions” digs a little deeper and starts touching on aspects of leadership. These workshop won’t have all the answers; your job will be to figure them out.
  • Provide a roadmap for any financial manager to become a better financial manager
  • Provide an outline of what a program manager could or should expect of the program’s financial support team or BFM
    Critical performance behaviors:
  • Participants will apply critical thinking leading to better financial management decisions
  • Target Attendees
    Acquisition and non-acquisition financial management professional. Program managers
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    4 hours
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  • Tailored, virtual instruction delivered upon request.
  • Fee-For-Service (FFS) arrangements may be required.
  • Non-FFS offerings available for registration through the DAU Virtual Campus
  • This workshop is unique in design. It intentionally leaves the participants with many unanswered questions. The point is that a participant will find the answers to some of questions as activities in the path to professional development, becoming a better analyst and adding more value to the command .