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Key Outcomes
In the Program Management Course (PMC) you will:
  • Hone your skills and transform into a more effective leader, communicator and problem solver
  • Strengthen your ability to identify and resolve complex acquisition problems and dilemmas as well as anticipate challenges and identify opportunities
  • Garner greater insight into diversity of thought by adding to your adaptive thinking toolbox
  • Accelerate your knowledge and leadership skills through continuous-growth learning opportunities
  • Enhance awareness of your leadership and how it might resonate within your team
  • Develop flexibility and adaptability to anticipate the ever-shifting defense acquisition landscape

  • PMC is designed to expand integration and leadership skills of personnel selected to serve in demanding program management positions within the DoD. PMC takes a multidimensional approach to developing key leaders by using case-based learning methods, simulations, tailored lessons, reflective learning, self-evaluation, and networking opportunities to provide attendees new insights and requisite abilities. During this five-week offering, you will:
  • Improve your ability to support DOD Acquisition outcomes by strengthening analytical, critical thinking, and decision making skills
  • Deepen your understanding of acquisition principles and practices through peer and faculty mentoring, feedback and coaching.
  • Develop a cross service/agency and industry network as well as career long personal relationships
  • Collaborate with experienced faculty/peers in a small group setting to sharpen your leadership skills and develop a 90 day action plan for your return to the workplace.

    A team of faculty and experts from diverse disciplines, provide in-depth knowledge in core areas including Leadership, Thinking, Capability Integration, Stakeholder Management, Industry Engagement, Workforce Development, and Acquisition Governance. Class sessions capture the years of experience in the room.
  • Objectives
    Download Course Objectives
    Target Attendees
    NH-IV/O-5/O-6/Industry equivalent.
    Level III Program Management career field members who have demonstrated the potential to become major program or project managers.
    In addition, each offering allows high-potential acquisition professionals certified at Level III in any acquisition career field, but who have demonstrated acquisition leadership potential.
  • EXE 4000V, Problem Solving for Tomorrow's Defense Leaders
  • EXE 4050V, Leading Change to Drive Innovative Culture
  • Predecessor Course(s)
    Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Expires On
    PMT 401 Program Manager's Course PGN INDEF
    PMT 302 Advanced Program Management Course BU1 01-Jan-2011
    Course Length
    25 class days
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Instructor Led Training
    Equivalent Courses N/A
    ACE Recommended Credits None
    PDS Code Z2I
    Fulfillment Eligible YES
    Continuing Education Units   14.9
    Continuous Learning Points  149
    Reservist Retirement Points  0
    Historical Allocations Mouse Over for Past CEU/CLPs
  • All attendees must have a Level III certification.
  • High potential Level III acquisition professionals in career fields other than PM are encouraged to apply through their DACM if they have 4 years of experience in or directly supporting an acquisition program.
  • Minimum Grade Level for Students: GS-14 or equivalent (Civilian); O-5 or selected for promotion to O-5 (Military).
  • Industry participants with equivalent PM experience are encouraged to attend.
  • This course in combination with PMT 4020 satisfies the statutory training required for program executive officers, deputy program executive officers, and program managers (PM)/deputy program managers (DPM) of ACAT I and II programs. .

  • The executive continuum of learning construct was built as EXE 4000V, EXE 4050V and then PMT 4010; it is recommended senior level learners attend the courses in that order to garner maximum learning benefits.
  • Pre-work required (approx. 2 hrs)/ Walk-ins NOT authorized