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This course provides QMS auditors key aspects and better equip them to assess a contractor’s QMS. Using generally accepted practices, learners will develop a comprehensive understanding of QMS auditing, as well as its application in the field. Instruction of all content, activities, and assessments will emphasize applicable standards i.e. ISO 9001, AS9100, and AS6500 quality management systems. Applicable Contract Administration Office (CAO) instructions and policies will also be referenced.
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Target Attendees
DCMA Quality Assurance Specialist (GS-1910) and Technical Specialists (GS-1150) and Engineering (GS-08XX) workforce.
  • Required:
  • CMI 101, DCMA Multifunctional Orientation
  • CMQ 101, Government Contract Quality Assurance (only required for Quality Assurance Specialist, 1910)
  • Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable as a substitute for this course until the acceptance date specified below.)
    Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Accepted Until
    None None None None
    Course Length
    5 classroom days (see Notes)
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Resident
    Equivalent Courses None
    ACE Recommended Credits None
    PDS Code ZGS
    DAU Public (material/prework) N/A
    Continuing Education Units   0
    Continuous Learning Points  0
    Reservist Retirement Points  
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  • Walk-ins NOT authorized.
  • 18-hours of pre-work is required to be completed prior to classroom attendance. During a 3-week period preceding the classroom segment, students are required to participate in and complete pre-work that is integral to the final course grade. Additional information will be provided by the instructor in the welcome messaging for each course offering.