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Learning Asset Information

DAU offers comprehensive learning assets to meet the career-long needs of the Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW).


  • The Under Secretaries of Defense (USD) for Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S) and for Research and Engineering (R&E) are jointly sponsoring the Defense Acquisition Credential Program through DAU to evolve today’s functional area and knowledge area framework to meet your needs.
  • Defense Acquisition Credentials provide the knowledge and associated skills to perform job-centric, niche, and/or emerging functions in the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition environment. They are intended to enhance specific skills and improve performance in your workplace. Whether you manage capability requirements, acquire services/systems, or sustain capabilities, earning credentials can build your competence, confidence, and value to your organization and the DoD.
  • Refer to the iCatalog for detailed information about all credentials.

Training Courses

  • Register for self-paced online training (OLT) through DAU’s Virtual Campus.
  • Most OLT opportunities are available for our industry partners and non-DoD Federal agencies who have a DAU Virtual Campus account.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) can be offered in the classroom (CLRM) or virtually (VILT).
  • Some VILT courses may be registered for through DAU’s Virtual Campus but for most CLRM/VILT courses, students should work with their DoD Agency or Component Directors of Acquisition Career/Talent Management (DACMs/DATM) who oversee registration and attendance as indicated here:
  • Normally, DACMs/DATM give registration priority for CLRM/VILT courses to DAW students who are pursuing certification in an acquisition functional area.
  • Refer to the iCatalog for detailed information about every DAU course.

Mission Assistance Workshops

  • DAU's Mission Assistance activities include consulting services for teams and individuals as well as acquisition workshops.
  • Typically, workshops are scheduled on-demand and delivered by DAU faculty for requesting organizations at the customer's location or at DAU facilities. In some cases, a Fee-for-Service (FFS) arrangement may apply and will be coordinated between the organization’s and DAU’s representatives. For Mission Assistance, please contact your Regional Associate Dean for Outreach and Mission Assistance (ADOMA).
  • Many workshops are now available through Individual Enrollment as indicated by a pencil icon in the chart’s “Individual Enrollment” column.
  • Refer to the iCatalog for detailed information on Mission Assistance Workshop opportunities.

Commercial Learning Opportunities

  • Available commercial learning courses and resources on DAU’s Virtual Campus. To learn more about how to apply and who is eligible, refer to the Commercial Learning Opportunities.