Alternate Means of Obtaining Course Credit
(Applying Course Credit to Certification Programs)

DAU does not transfer students between programs (acquisition career fields). The certification program associated with the acquisition career field a student pursues is determined by the requirements of the position the student is hired or assigned into by the student's parent organization. Students may elect to pursue a subsidiary program career field certification in addition to their required program for cross-functional training purposes at the discretion of their supervisor.

The certification programs supported by DAU are unique to the DoD and based on the student meeting training standards (directly supported by DAU) as well as education and experience standards. It is DAU's policy that students who complete a course for a certification program may apply that same course to any other certification program that requires the same course without any further assessment of the student. For example, if two or more programs require the same course within its certification framework, once the course is completed, it may be applied towards any certification program that requires the course. To support the transfer or movement of students between programs or acquisition career fields and students who have engaged in educational/training courses from other institutions or organizations, DAU employs the following policies/programs:

  • Equivalency Program.  Students can complete their program (training requirements for career field certification) by exercising the Equivalency Program. DAU provides the opportunity for other organizations (federal government agencies, colleges/universities, private vendors, and non-profits) to offer courses, programs, or certifications which DAU would accept as equivalent to one or more DAU courses if upon evaluation of the materials and standards, they adequately address the entire DAU course learning outcomes for a selected DAU course. It is the responsibility of the organization providing that instruction to request equivalency. It is DAU's policy to accept, without further assessment of the student, the equivalent course completions a student has pursued through other resources when fulfilling course prerequisite and/or program training requirements.
  • Fulfillment Program.  DoD students assigned to an acquisition position can complete program training requirements for career field certification by exercising the Fulfillment Program. Through an assessment of the student's past training and experience, regardless of source, against the learning outcomes of select DAU courses, DoD components and agencies through the requisite Director of Acquisition Career Management office (DACM) may seek approval of a fulfillment request by the student, thereby, certifying that the student possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities that would otherwise have been gained by attending the DAU course. It is the responsibility of the acquisition workforce member's DACM office to implement the fulfillment program. It is DAU's policy to accept, without further assessment of the student, the approved fulfillments a student possesses when fulfilling course prerequisite and/or program training requirements. The Fulfillment Program is applicable to training courses only (excluding 400 level courses). It is not applicable to Continuous Learning Modules.