Type of Assignment  Representative Activities
International Cooperative Programs (ICP)   Managing or supporting planning or executing cooperative programs with international partners conducted under the terms of an international agreement to include projects or programs ranging from cooperative science and technology to major system development and production.
Defense Sales and Transfers   Managing or supporting planning or executing of foreign military sales, building partner capacity, and/or hybrid direct commercial sales programs.
Acquisition Strategy Development   Analyzing cooperative opportunities, conducting analyses of alternatives, and integrating international acquisition and exportability considerations into a program’s acquisition strategy.
Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD)   Supporting development or implementation of exportability-related technology security, foreign disclosure, or export control policies and positions.
Core Certification Standards (Required for DAWIA certification.)
 Acquisition Training   As required by your Career Field
 Functional Training   If your acquisition position is designated as a DAWIA Level 1 Position:
  ACQ 120  Fundamentals of International Acquisition (FIAC)
  ACQ 1300  Fundamentals of Technology Security/Transfer
  If your acquisition position is designated as a DAWIA Level 2 Position:
  ACQ 230  International Acquisition Integration (R)
  If your acquisition position is designated as a DAWIA Level 3 Position
  ACQ 380  International Acquisition Management (R)
 Education   As required by your Career Field
 Experience   As required by your Career Field

Unique Position Training Standards
ALL ICP Duty Types   ACQ 340 Advanced International Management Workshop (R)

Core Plus Development Guide (Desired training, education, and experience) Type of Assignment
Training ICP Def Sales and Trans Acq Strat Dev TSFD
  ACQ 160 Program Protection Planning Awareness
  CLC 027 Buy American Statute
  CLC 048 Export Controls  
  CLC 052 Contracting with Canada (CWC)
  CLC 125 Berry Amendment
  CLE 022 Program Manager Introduction to Anti-Tamper
  CLE 068 Intellectual Property and Data Rights
  CLI 001 International Armaments Cooperation (IAC), Part 1      
  CLI 002 International Armaments Cooperation (IAC), Part 2      
  CLI 003 International Armaments Cooperation (IAC), Part 3      
  CLI 004 Information Exchange Program (IEP), DoD Generic      
  CLI 005 RDT&E (IEP) Army-Specific      
  CLI 006 RDT&E (IEP) Navy-specific      
  CLI 007 Technology Transfer and Export Control
  As required by the Career Field
  As required by the Career Field
2 "(R)" following a course title indicates the course is delivered as resident-based instruction.
17 The Core Training Standards section lists the training and/or education and experience REQUIRED for this career path within 24 months of assignment.