WSM 014 Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop (ASDW)
The Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop (ASDW) is a DAU-facilitated workshop built around a specific acquisition* and its multi-functional integrated product team (MFIPT). The workshop walks the team through the key content areas of the acquisition strategy. For more complex, large dollar value, or high interest acquisitions, the ASDW could also be conducted as a multi-phase consulting engagement over the course of the initial strategy and updates preceding major milestones and contracting actions. The duration of less complex ASDWs will generally take between 2-4 days to complete. The DAU facilitation team mentors and guides the MFIPT in developing initial acquisition strategy content. *Note: The ASDW can also be delivered to support staff or organizations that include multiple teams working on different programs. This generic version of the workshop will address the same content areas and include practical exercises to develop critical thinking skills relevant for acquisition strategy development.
  • - Understand key elements, inter-relationships and decision tools appropriate for developing an acquisition strategy
  • - Apply program management methods and critical thinking skills to develop an initial top-line strategy or approach
  • Target Attendees
    The key members of the acquisition team should participate, including program manager, contracting officer, chief engineer, test manager, logistics manager, and financial manager. Staff functions, user representatives, operational test managers, and PEO staff are also encouraged to participate. Workshop should not be scheduled without a commitment to have members attend.
    Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable substitutes for meeting current course prerequisite and certification standards)
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    Course Length
    3-4.5 days
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    Delivery Mode  Workshop
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