WSD 014 Introduction to Critical Thinking: Six Thinking Hats Workshop
Critical thinking provides a key capability to the acquisition workforce in maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in defense acquisitions. Many people have not been provided the tools to structure thinking to create disciplined, clear, rational, open-minded, and logical approaches to thought processes. Dr. Edward de Bono has created a methodology with his Six Thinking Hats that allows the power of parallel thinking. Utilizing this method four-year-olds to corporate executives across more than twenty countries have been able to make meetings more effective, aid decision making, and work more cooperatively. The workshop introduces critical thinking and thinking frameworks, as well as exposes de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats for use in developing their critical thinking. The workshop offers an individual the opportunity to work on an office specific problem or decision as part of a cohort during the one day workshop.
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Target Attendees
Individuals that support or are part of the defense acquisition, technology, and logistics management workforce interested in improving their team and individual’s performance.
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Course Length
Approximately 7 hours
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Delivery Mode Workshop
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First Offering  1/13/2015
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DAU uses certified faculty who have studied Dr. Edward de Bono’s principles.