WSM 009 Work Statement Workshop (SOW, SOO, PWS)
Provides program management personnel an overview of the function of the Work Statement in the acquisition process and a procedure for planning, developing, and writing Work Statements.
  • Explore the fundamentals of various types of Work Statements and supporting documents for: Statement of Work (SOW); Performance Work Statement (PWS); and Statement of Objectives (SOO).
  • Learn a process for planning, developing, and writing a Work Statement.
  • Learn about and begin practicing skills needed to plan, develop, and write a Work Statement.
  • Target Attendees
    This workshop is designed for acquisition personnel who are seeking a working knowledge of the basic types of Work Statements and related documents. Personnel who may benefit from the workshop include DoD and Service Acquisition Command employees whose responsibilities include creation of Work Statements, representatives of the defense industry, interested commercial partners, and individuals needing an introduction to the function of the Work Statement in the acquisition process.
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    Course Length
    4 class days
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode  Workshop
    Equivalent Courses  N/A
    ACE Recommended Credits  N/A
    PDS Code  N/A
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