WSB 011 Practical Government Business Cases
This workshop covers the foundational elements of any decision analysis process which are variously referred to as Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Business Case Analysis (BCA), Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Economic Analysis (EA) and several other terms. Participants quickly explore the theory, but spend most of the time analyzing real world examples. The course culminates in a day-long case where groups build an acquisition style BCA or CBA.

The following critical behaviors can be applied on the job:
  • Translate open-ended guidance into analyzable objectives or problem statements, courses of action, and criteria.
  • Breakdown complex decisions, costs and benefits into analysis.
  • Create decision papers that are easy to comprehend regardless of the complexity of the issues or data.

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  • Objectives
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    Target Attendees
    Anyone who has been assigned to write or is on a team writing an AoA, EA, CBA or BCA or is a reviewer of the same. High marks have been given to the course from engineers, manpower planners, logistics planners, financial managers and cost estimators.
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    Course Length
    3 Classroom days
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