WSM 007 Stakeholder Management
This fast-paced day-long workshop provides hands-on experience with identifying, prioritizing and analyzing stakeholders critical to DoD program success. Attendees will create action plans to improve their relationships with key stakeholders, increasing engagement/commitment and program outcomes. Practical tools, examples, and best practices from defense acquisition and sustainment programs are highlighted throughout.
  • Recognize that impact of stakeholder management on Probability of Program Success (POPS)
  • Identify five different types of stakeholders vital to the management of successful DoD programs
  • Analyze stakeholder influence and importance to prioritize their power and impact on program
  • Evaluate stakeholder engagement and commitment to determine how to best manage their involvement
  • Select effective management strategies to move key stakeholders to desire level of involvement
  • Clarify stakeholder requirements, expectations and interests to develop effective management actions
  • Build Stakeholder Management Plan specifying activities to improve relationships and program outcomes
  • Share best practices for executing Stakeholder Management Plans and achieving success!
  • Target Attendees
    Defense acquisition, technology and logistics management workforce members interested in improving their relationships with stakeholders. Ideal size of workshop is 3-4 teams of 4-6 people (Maximum of 24 people).
    Recommend to schedule in conjunction with TTD006 (Leading at the Speed of Trust)
    Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable substitutes for meeting current course prerequisite and certification standards)
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    Course Length
    1 class day
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    Delivery Mode  Workshop
    Equivalent Courses  None
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    PDS Code  N/A
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