WSB 002 Budget Execution
Reviews the monetary concepts of commitment, obligation, expenditure, and outlay. Discusses the preparation of obligation and expenditure plans, variance reports, and reclaims to budget adjustments proposed by higher headquarters.
  • Explain the process used in apportioning budget authority within DoD
  • Identify the sequence of fiscal events – from commitment to outlay – in the budget execution process
  • Define obligation and expenditure plans
  • Explain the impact of decisions based on an organization not meeting its own obligation/expenditure plans and/or meeting OSD/Component goals for obligations or expenditures
  • Prepare a reclama to a proposed budget reduction initiated by a higher headquarters based on unfavorable budget execution
  • Identify the rules governing reprogramming of funds within DoD
  • Explain the rules governing the use of expired and cancelled budget authority
  • Assess whether a violation of the Misappropriation Act, Anti-deficiency Act, or Bona Fide Need Rule has occurred
  • Target Attendees
    All program management office personnel, especially project leaders and support contractors. Budget and program analysts from the supporting R&D command who provide matrix support to the program office are also encouraged to attend.
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