PMT 402 Executive Program Manager's Course
This assignment-specific course focuses on addressing the individual learning needs of newly-selected program executive officers (PEO), program managers (PM), PEO or PM deputies and their industry equivalents. The learning starts with the senior acquisition leaders conducting an assessment or their new program(s), organization and self. Based on identified gaps, enhanced learning sessions are conducted. Sessions are led by senior OSD and industry guests or faculty, topical lessons discuss program governance, leadership, best practices, as well as updates on policy and statute across the acquisition specialty areas. Learners depart with the tools/training to lead with a strategic/enterprise perspective and as a change enabler/agent, understand and leverage human dynamics; and prepared for the acquisition assignment with an Action Plan to deliver effective results for the warfighters. PMT-402 themes include self/organization, program/processes, stakeholders, and changing environment.
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Target Attendees
PEOs, deputy PEOs, ACAT I and II PMs and deputy PMs
  • PMT 401, Program Manager's Course
  • Predecessor Course(s)
    Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Expires On
    None None None None
    Course Length
    20 class days preceded by an online workshop
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Classroom
    Equivalent Courses  None
    Availability All
    PDS Code  AH2
    Walk-ins Authorized  N/A
    Pre-work required   N/A
    First Offering  N/A
    ACE Recommended Credits  YES
    Continuous Education Units  14.1
    Continuous Learning Points 141 
    Reservist Retirement Points 0  
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    Fulfillment Eligible   N/A
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  • Certified DAWIA Level-III in the Program Management Career Field is REQUIRED.
  • Selected to serve as: a PEO or DPEO; or the PM or Deputy PM of an ACAT I or II program is REQUIRED, preferably within six (6) months of assignment start; OR O-6 and GS-15 level portfolio manager.
  • Pre-work required (approx. 8 hrs) / Walk-ins NOT authorized
  • Eligible students should have completed PMT 401 within 18 months prior to attending PMT 402.
  • PMT 401 together with PMT 402 satisfies the statutory training required for program executive officers, deputy program executive officers, and program managers (PM)/deputy program managers (DPM) of ACAT I, IA, and II programs.
  • PMs and DPMs should attend this course prior to beginning their assignment.
  • The course construct presumes class members contribute by sharing their experiences and lessons learned. Moreover, class members’ pre-course research and assessment of program challenges is the basis for individual Learning Plans. Their individual plans capture their selection of lessons and other training events such as faculty one-on-ones. Interactions with senior OSD and industry guests offer varied perspectives on the acquisition process; moreover, these interactions facilitate early stakeholder engagement for newly assigned program leaders. Toward the end of the course, class members apply their learning to create an Action Plan they’ll implement to address their program needs.