CON 0390 Contingency Contracting Simulation: Barda Bridge
This Online Training (OLT) course is a unique interactive movie in which you (the student) "play" the lead character, a military Contingency Contracting Officer (CCO). Students make choices, and see the outcomes of those choices. The main character deploys as the CCO to a war zone. He gets the call to move out and in two weeks and soon finds himself on the ground in a remote corner of the world. As part of the lead-up, there is a concentration on pre-deployment planning and the roles the CCO plays in achieving mission success. Topical areas addressed include: Recognizing the importance of ethical behavior in a contracting environment, the impact of cross-cultural behavior patterns, anti-terrorism vulnerabilities and operational security in a contingency contracting environment, and the importance of the CCO's role and their responsibilities in a contingency contracting environment Students make choices that lead to different story paths and outcomes. It concludes with a final major project - employing critical decision-making skills.
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Target Attendees
Military and civilian contracting personnel who are either in deployable positions or contracting personnel who wish to have the knowledge and awareness of contingency contracting involving an contingency contracting setting.
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  • Any exams in this course must be passed with a minimum score of 80%.
  • There is no time limit for completing this course.
  • After completing the course, please be sure to complete the survey at the end.