LOG 4650V Executive Product Support Manager’s Course
Two-week post-advanced (formerly Level III) LCL virtual instructor-facilitated training for ACAT I/II DoD PSMs focuses on enhancing a PSM’s success in planning for and executing fielding and sustainment of major weapon systems within the framework of 10 U.S.C. §2337 & DoD policy. Addresses PSM roles & responsibilities, leadership, proven practices, affordable/effective product support strategies, and enables leveraging of executive-level case studies to challenge PSMs with real-world product support scenarios. Facilitated discussions on product support include such topics as Intellectual Property Rights, funding, partnerships, sustainment plans, product support analysis, contracts, and performance based logistics. Participants also analyze challenges and opportunities to improve sustainment performance while reducing costs and risks. Customized tools are leveraged for enhancing skills at leading teams, influencing stakeholders and continuing professional development. Students develop and defend creative and comprehensive solutions, as well as leverage the Stakeholder Tactical Engagement Plan (STEP) tool to develop strategies to address stakeholder challenges. Students also develop and deliver a real-world, relevant lesson-learned presentation which provides opportunities for peer feedback, and in-depth cross-Service communication & problem-solving. Course affords students the opportunity to hear from a range of DoD, Service, and industry leaders in each offering, with frank and candid discussion on a wide-range of sustainment challenges. Interdisciplinary emphasis includes product support, business, cost estimating, funds management, systems engineering, contracting, and program management topics. Focus areas also include leadership, critical thinking, and cross-functional integration.
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Target Attendees
Product Support Managers (PSM) and other attendees as described in 16 Sep 2019 "DoD PSM Mandatory Training Requirement Memo"
  • See Notes
  • LOG 3400 - Life Cycle Product Support
  • LOG 3500 - Enterprise Life Cycle Logistics Management
Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable substitutes for meeting current course prerequisite and certification standards)
Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Accepted Until
LOG 465 Executive Product Support Manager’s Course ZYZ 30-Sep-2025
▲ OR ▼
LOG 365 Executive Product Support Manager’s Course ZNJ 30-Sep-2025
Course Length
75 classroom hour(s) over the course of 8 days
Additional Course Information
Delivery Mode  Facilitated/Online
Equivalent Courses  N/A
ACE Recommended Credits  None
Current CEU, CLP and RRP      Click here for Previous Allocation
Continuous Education Units  0
Continuous Learning Points
Reservist Retirement Points  
  • Required: Mandatory for ACAT I and II PSMs within 24 months of assignment to PSM position
  • Recommended: ACAT III and IV PSMs may attend as lower priority
  • Recommended: Defense Acquisition Personnel in PSM-related positions (LCL Advanced and acquisition coded) may attend as lower priority
  • ecommended: Per above, recommend completing LOG 3400 and LOG 3500 prior to attending
  • Registration through https://dau.csod.com
  • Approximately 3 hours of pre-work required
  • Walk-ins not authorized
  • Challenging, two week executive-level course which incorporates cases, exercises, and group discussions as well as individual development efforts
  • Designed for highly motivated, experienced PSMs as well as individuals pre-qualified to attend IAW the "DoD PSM Mandatory Training Requirement Memo, 16 Sep 2019"
  • All attendees must be vetted by their Services for participation in this class
  • LOG 4650V is a demanding course that relies on a three-step learning process:
    1. Individual study and preparation per day (1-2 hours)
    2. Active participation in small (5 person) group discussions (30 minutes per case or exercise)
    3. Active participation in large (25 person) group discussion (60 minutes per case or exercise)