RQM 3100 Advanced Concepts and Skills for Requirements Management
This course prepares national security Requirements Managers to understand, critically review, and positively contribute to Requirements Management. Action-based scenarios, computer-based simulations, and critical-thinking exercises provide formative practical experience that reinforce discussions on how the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS), or Service or Agency requirements systems, interacts with the Defense Acquisition System (DAS), and the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) system. Students must come prepared to discuss a real-world requirements issue as it relates in their current work environment.
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Target Attendees
Professionals who develop, assess, prioritize, and validate warfighter requirements.
  • RQM 110, Core Concepts for Requirements Management
  • Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable substitutes for meeting current course prerequisite and certification standards)
    Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Accepted Until
    RQM 310 Advanced Concepts and Skills for Requirements Management JJF INDEF
    Course Length
    5 class days
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode  Resident
    Equivalent Courses  None
    ACE Recommended Credits  N/A
    PDS Code  B3C
    Current CEU, CLP and RRP      Click here for Previous Allocation
    Continuous Education Units  3.9
    Continuous Learning Points 39 
    Reservist Retirement Points 0  
  • Pre-work required (approx. 4.5 hours) / Walk-ins authorized / Pre-work accessible on DAU Public Blackboard.
  • One pre-class assignment is due 10 days prior to the start of class. 1 page expanded discussion on a single requirements related issue. Details will be provided after registration is complete.
  • Students must review a video in the DAU media library prior to attending the course. The title is: "Urgent Acquisitions-A JUON Case Study"
  • Students must demonstrate a general skills mastery of the course by leading a team in one (1) of several exercises/simulations during the course.
  • Students must demonstrate a general skills mastery of the course by critically evaluating a draft ICD and present their findings/recommendations to a simulated FCB validation board at the conclusion of this course.
  • Industry professionals are eligible to attend on a space-available basis on the first day of class.