WSA 009 Contracting for Modern Software Workshop
The Contracting for Modern Software workshop bring together software and contracting professionals to provide the learners with an understanding of modern software contracting techniques. It provides an overview of Agile DevSecOps for the DoD contracting professional. The workshop explains how Agile DevSecOps assists DoD organizations transition from traditional contracting methods to flexible contracting allowing for contract modification with minimal administrative burden. It facilitates introductions to the Procurement Innovation Lab, Kessel Run, and GSA 18F to demonstrate how flexible contracting can be used to adapt to Agile DevSecOps. This workshop covers the “Why,” the “What,” and the “How” in the Agile contracting lifecycle to lay a foundation for the contracting community for implementation and execution.

The critical performance behaviors that the participants can apply in the workplace include:
  • Begin leading needed changes to initiate contracting for modern software practices through innovative and flexible contracting methods.
  • Conversant in tech literacy and the key aspects of Agile DevSecOps.
  • Paradigm shift from traditional to Agile DevSecOps through flexible contracting and innovative procurements procedures.

    Impact: To enhance the transfer of new knowledge into the workplace, the workshop provides an in-class opportunity for participants to analyze modern software contracting practices and begin transforming from traditional to modern software contracting techniques.
  • Objectives
    1. Describe the inherent flexibilities of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.
    2. Recognize the characteristics of traditional and modern software acquisition.
    3. Describe innovative techniques within the acquisition lifecycle.
    4. Create a strategy to apply innovative techniques for a procurement
    Target Attendees
  • Technical and Non-technical Acquisition Workforce not familiar with modern software development terminology, delivery methodologies, practices and principles.
  • Acquisition workforce supporting Information Technology procurements.
  • Acquisition workforce not familiar with inherent FAR flexibilities.
  • Prerequisite(s)
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    Course Length
    1 day
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    Delivery Mode  Workshop
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  • Tailored, virtual instruction delivered upon request.
  • Fee-For-Service arrangements may be required.
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