WSA 006 Modern Software for Senior Leaders (MSSL) Workshop
This senior-level workshop provides an overview of how Agile, Cloud, and DevSecOps assists DoD organizations transitioning from traditional processes to agile-DevSecOps processes. DoD policies, processes and procedures are changing into a more efficient, effective and automated process using secure, reliable, and rapid software development, delivery, and deployment utilizing the Software Acquisition Pathway. It will allow senior leaders to understand how they can expect their programs to operate differently when using agile principles and methods and the Software Acquisition Pathway. This workshop can be given prior to other agile workshops so senior leaders can get an introduction prior to more detailed workshops. These new frameworks and approaches enable PEOs to deliver capabilities securely, reliably, and rapidly to the Warfighter in potentially hours.

Impact: Senior leaders are able to begin leading changes needed to initiate modern software practices. They will understand how programs utilizing the Software Acquisition Pathway and agile principles and methods will operate differently and how to make decisions under this new framework.
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Target Attendees
  • Senior Leaders from Technical and Non-technical Acquisition Workforce
  • Those not familiar with modern software development delivery methodologies, practices and principles;
  • Foundational for all ACQ career fields (e.g. PM, ENG, T&E, IT/Cyber, LOG, CON/FM)
  • PMO Leadership cohort
  • Prerequisite(s)
    Predecessor Course(s) (Acceptable substitutes for meeting current course prerequisite and certification standards)
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    Course Length
    1 day in-person classroom (1.5-2 hours); 1 day virtual classroom (1.5-2 hours)
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    Delivery Mode  Workshop
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    Pre-work required   No
    First Offering  6/15/2020
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  • Virtual instruction delivered upon request.
  • Fee-For-Service (FFS) arrangements may be required.