WSS 006 Cybersecurity Experiment (CYBEX)
The CYBEX workshop evaluates critical and emergent areas of cybersecurity focusing on policy and procedures from the practitioner viewpoint. The experiment will be developed, scheduled, executed, recorded, analyzed and reported on in a cooperative effort by Cyber Security & Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) and DAU Cyber Enterprise Team members.
A Scenario including environmental factors will be provided by the participants where:
  • • Systems Security Engineering (SSE) issues & policy will be evaluated.
  • • Results will be analyzed and feedback provided to pre-determined DoD entities.
  • • Critical thinking exercises will be created to analyze, critique, improve and inform cybersecurity leadership responsible for the policies, guidance and methodology across the acquisition lifecycle.
  • • Evaluate and create existing or proposed cybersecurity policy updates affecting guidance and methodology in response to conclusions reached in group exercises.
  • • Post experiment analysis will be conducted by CSIAC, DAU and select experts.
    This one-day experiment workshop will provide scenario and procedures to apply and evaluate various systems security engineering principles, policy and guidance to an exemplar / hypothetical DoD system acquisition program over focused areas of the life cycle. The experiment execution includes 4 parts (Throughout the effort, experiment proctors will lead, assist and record results):
  • 1) Participant introduction and issues presentation (critical to capture upfront problems with policies and procedures).
  • 2) Scenario and experimental method briefs.
  • 3) Experiment execution for defined lifecycle phases.
  • 4) Out-brief of results and issues.
  • Target Attendees
    All disciplines of acquisition workforce civilian and military personnel, as well as industry and Service / user representatives with relevant knowledge in systems security engineering and life cycle support. This includes the DoD’s systems (security) engineering management processes, the application of systems engineering to each acquisition phase, supply chain risk management, acquisition system development life cycle (SDLC), sustainment & logistics, contracting, testing, network architecture design, SW development and assurance, cybersecurity, intelligence, and anti-tamper disciplines.
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    Course Length
    1 day (Tailorable)
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    Delivery Mode  Workshop
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  • The CLPs will depend on the duration. Typically 6-7 times the number of days.
  • Individual scheduled for this workshop should have at least 2 years of systems planning, research, development, and engineering experience
  • There is a pre-read of the experiment scenario and policy / guides which is evaluated