WSE 023 Defense Standardization Workshop
The Defense Standardization Workshop covers DoD policies and procedures for the development, management, and use of nongovernment standards, commercial item descriptions, and specifications and standards. Group practical exercises tailored to the customer’s organization emphasize the application of standardization tools, policies, and procedures described in CLE 028 Market Research for Technical Personnel, CLE 064 Standardization in the Acquisition Lifecycle, and CLE 065 Standardization Documents. "
Upon completion, the participant will be able to apply the following critical behaviors in the workplace:
  • Determine when specifications, standards and policy initiatives need to be used.
  • Evaluate when Performance Specifications should be used.
  • Apply detailed Specifications when needed."
  • Objectives
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    Target Attendees
    This workshop is designed for professionals actively involved in the development, review, use or management of specifications and standards, handbooks, commercial item descriptions, or nongovernment standards.
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    Course Length
    2 days
    Additional Course Information
    Delivery Mode Workshop
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    First Offering  5/21/2018
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    Continuous Learning Points 14 
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