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In May 2014 the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (AT&L) reported to Congress on Program Manager training and experience, citing “ . . . the need for deeper, more comprehensive training in industry operations, including incentives and financial reporting.” The first day of the workshop, from a primarily academic perspective, (a) looks at industry incentives, and (b) takes a deep dive into the annual report and financial reporting and metrics of a publically held company doing work for DoD. The workshop then ties the two together. The second optional day is spent dissecting the annual report and all that it contains (including the financial reports) of your contractor. During the second day, you will come with homework about your company and how it and its program manager operate. You will also come with the company’s annual report, pulled down from the company web site, and spend the morning diving, drilling, calculating and interpreting. You will spend the afternoon discussing your findings and interpretations, and try to tie what you learned about your company (such as understand particular corporate behaviors, what metrics drive its behaviors (and what those behaviors might me), and short and long-term interests) to your DoD program office activities and actions. If the customer elects the optional day, preparing for it will require prework that will oblige the attendee (or attendees from the same program office) to have frank discussions with the contractor’s program manager about, possibly, business-sensitive information. The DAU faculty will provide a series of questions to facilitate this discussion. This prework is crucial to maximizing the learning opportunity.
  • Have a basic understand a corporate annual report and the financial reports within
  • Draw relationships between publically available information, and company motivations and behaviors
  • Applying that knowledge to developing incentive packages and motivating industry performance
  • Target Attendees
    Acquisition Program Managers that have or may have publicly held contractors (company shared openly traded on a stock exchange) under contract. The second (optional) day of the workshop is intended for members of the same program office because the focus will be on a single contractor that is or may become under contract by that office.
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  • Fee-For-Service arrangements may be required. This workshop may be offered in a 1 or 2 day class version. CLPs will be adjusted accordingly.