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A Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and its close companions of Business Case Analysis (BCA) and Economic Analysis (EA) are structured methods of quickly and concisely showing the costs and benefits of making a change with an emphasis on the quantifiable impact of making that decision.

This fast paced course is designed for executives and other reviewers of CBA submittals to give them an overview and some practice in reviewing CBA submissions. The format of the class is short lectures to remind everyone of the terms and the rules of the topic area, followed by examples and exercises. This course is very hands-on with well more than half the time allotted to analyzing and working through examples and exercises. All of the exercises and examples come from real world submissions that fell short of the ideal submission. We look at what was submitted, why it was flawed and what it would take to get it back on track.

This is not a math course. There is some math involved, but the emphasis is on the thought process that needs to be used to validate and approve CBAs.
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Target Attendees
Anyone who is in the approval chain for CBAs (or equivalent) submissions will benefit from the course especially if it has been a while since they wrote one or they are having difficulty finding issues to discuss. Students who would benefit from the course come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. High marks have been given to the course from engineers, manpower planners, logistics planners, financial managers and cost estimators.
A good working knowledge of how to build a CBA.
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