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(Last Modified:28-Jul-2022)


This optional online prep course prepares students to successfully complete the closed book Contracting Certification Exam (CON 3990V). CON 3910 includes self-paced lessons, practice quizzes and a practice exam.

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Target Attendees
CON 3910 is not required for obtaining Contracting certification; however, completion of this course (or CON 3900V) is highly encouraged for all individuals planning to take the Contracting Certification Exam.
Required: None
Highly Recommended:
  • CON 1100V - Contract Foundational Skills
  • CON 1200V - Contract Pre-award
  • CON 1300V - Contract Award
  • CON 1400V - Contract Post-award
Predecessor Course(s)
Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Expires On
None None None None
Course Length
Approximately 22 hours
Additional Course Information
Delivery Mode Online Training
Equivalent Courses N/A
ACE Recommended Credits N/A
Walk-ins Authorized N/A
Pre-work required No
First Offering 7/12/2022
Continuing Education Units   0
Continuous Learning Points  22
Reservist Retirement Points  6
Historical Allocations Mouse Over for Past CEU/CLPs
Fulfillment Eligible N/A
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  • CON 3910 consists of an introduction, 16 self-paced units of instruction, 4 practice quizzes and a practice exam.
  • There are no graded assessments in this course. Rather, as long as students complete all self-paced units, complete the practice quizzes, and take the practice exam, they will receive the 22 CLPs.
  • For any examinee who fails the Contracting Certification Exam (CON 3990V) on their first attempt, completion of CON 3900 or CON 3910 is mandatory, unless already completed.
  • There is no time limit for completing this online course.
  • After completing the course, please be sure to complete the survey at the end.

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