PMT 3550 Program Management Office Course, Part A

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(Last Modified:05-Oct-2020)


This course builds on the foundational and intermediate systems acquisition courses as well as the program management tools course. By focusing on the knowledge and skill requirements of upper mid-level and more senior leadership positions in a program office, the student’s analysis, synthesis, and evaluative skills are exercised to help these become more effective when occupying these leadership positions in a program office.
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Target Attendees
Military officers, O-4 through O-5, and civilians, GS-13 through GS-14, in the Program Management career field.
Predecessor Course(s)
Predecessor Predecessor Course Title PDS Code Expires On
PMT 355 Program Management Office Course, Part A ZZE 30-Sep-2022
PMT 352A Program Management Office Course, Part A BZH 01-Apr-2020
PMT 302 Advanced Program Management Course BU1 01-Jan-2011
Course Length
Approximately 13 hours to complete
Additional Course Information
Delivery Mode Online Training
Equivalent Courses None
ACE Recommended Credits None
PDS Code Z1F
DAU Public (material/prework) YES
Continuing Education Units   1.3
Continuous Learning Points  13
Reservist Retirement Points  3
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  • Completing ACQ 203, BCF 110, ISA 1011, LOG 104. PMT 257 and ENG 201 prior to registering is recommended.
  • (Click Here) for the technical requirements for this course.
  • All exams in this course must be passed with a minimum score of 80%. You will have 2 opportunities to retake an exam in its entirety. After a 3rd failure, you will automatically be restarted in the course.
  • There is no time limit for completing this course.
  • After completing the course, please be sure to complete the survey at the end.