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The highly interactive Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks (SWOR) workshop focuses on helping a Project Management Office (PMO), or small group of PMOs, understand their program’s cybersecurity/resilience requirements and develop a sound strategy to meet these requirements. Participants will gain foundational knowledge of Cybersecurity and associated terms as they each relate across the DoD Acquisition Lifecycle. This focused workshop has the following key components:
  • Cybersecurity Assessment: A broad based assessment of the program’s management and technical cybersecurity efforts past and present. A key goal is to determine the associated SWOR regarding cybersecurity and resilience for each participating PMO. Key focus areas are the Risk Management Framework (RMF), cybersecurity, resiliency and program protection efforts.
  • SWOR Strategy Development: After training, a short presentation by the PMO and completion of the Cybersecurity Assessment; all workshop participants along with DAU cybersecurity faculty will map out the SWOR strategy for the program’s cybersecurity success.
  • SWOR Strategy Out brief to PEO/PM: Presentations by participants to their PEO/PMO Program Manager, or leadership team, will include actionable steps to improve the program’s cybersecurity posture.
    The SWOR workshop is tailorable and workshop results can be classified depending on the depth of each analysis. This is an internal focused event with results only provided to the organization participating in the workshop.
  • Objectives
  • Develop a SWOR strategy for Program specific cybersecurity requirements across the acquisition lifecycle.
  • Enabling Learning Objective (ELO) 1: Summarize foundational DoD and Service guidance and policies associated with cybersecurity and resilience.
  • Discuss the various roles and responsibilities associated with cybersecurity across the acquisition lifecycle.
  • Analyze the maturity of the PMO’s overall cybersecurity program based on PMO documentation and actions to date. (Current status)
  • Analyze the PMO’s progress within the RMF, cybersecurity, resiliency and program protection processes. (Desired end state)
  • Perform a SWOR analysis to determine program unique actions needed for a robust cybersecurity program. (Steps to reach desired end state)
  • Develop relevant cybersecurity, resilience and/or program protection “best practices” and other opportunities to integrate into the PMO’s acquisition strategy.
  • Target Attendees
    Program managers, engineers, testers, contracting, financial managers, logisticians, ISSMs and other subject matter experts within the PMO. Workshop is intended for 1 to 4 PMO teams.
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    Course Length
    2 to 3 days (Tailorable)
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  • Fee-For-Service arrangements may be required.
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  • The CLPs will depend on the duration. Typically 6-7 times the number of days.
  • Individual scheduled for this workshop are encouraged to complete ACQ 160, CLE 074 and ISA 220, prior to attending.