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The management of Intellectual Properties (IP) and Data Rights on programs is one of the most important aspects of the development and acquisition of systems for the DoD. This workshop will cover both the basic principles of IP and data rights and the application of these principles to DoD acquisitions.
Overall the workshop is designed to cover basic principles of Intellectual Property and Data Rights management in the Department of Defense:
  • 1. Increase the understanding of the nature of IP and data rights as a key component of the development and delivery of systems to the department of defense.
  • 2. Understand the need to include IP and data rights as key requirements in all aspects and all phases of program development including but not limited to: Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), cost estimation (CARD), acquisition strategy, technology development strategy, source selection, program management, configuration management, technical reviews, and operation and maintainers.
  • 3. Understand the impact of IP and Data Rights on program affordability and competition throughout the life cycle of the program.
  • 4. Understand how IP and data rights requirements are integrated into the programs as a systems engineering process which impacts all aspects of a program.
  • 5. Understand how to include data rights into the source selection process.
  • 6. Be aware of new treads and possible pit falls in the data right process.
  • The workshop includes several mini exercises to demonstrate basic principles. The workshop is designed to allow for time for the participants to ask questions related to specific issues they are having on DoD programs.
  • Target Attendees
    This workshop is open to all DoD employees across all competencies (ENG, PM, TST, LOG, FM, etc). From intern to senior-level management, everyone benefits from this workshop and its collaborative, open-discussion environment. The workshop can be conducted as an intact team or to a more general audience of program staff.
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