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CACQ 008 Foundational Intellectual Property (IP) Credential
(Last Modified: 18-Sep-2020)


The Foundational Intellectual Property (IP) Credential is a cross-functional, general purpose credential providing the DoD acquisition workforce with the knowledge of basic IP and Data rights concepts and skills necessary to effectively acquire, license, and manage IP, as prescribed in the core principles described in DoD Instruction 5010.44, IP Acquisition and Licensing.

Candidates who successfully complete the requirements for this credential will understand how to integrate IP planning fully into acquisition strategies and product support strategies to protect core DoD interests over the entire life cycle.
Target Attendees
Program Managers, Contracting Officers, Technical Subject Matter Experts (e.g. logisticians, engineers, budget and financial analysts), Contracting and IP attorneys.
Course Title Delivery Method
CACQ 008 Intellectual Property and Data Rights Overview Distance Learning
CLE 068 Intellectual Property and Data Rights Distance Learning
CLE 019 Modular Open Systems Approach Distance Learning
CLM 002 Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation Distance Learning
CLM 071 Introduction to Data Management Distance Learning
CLM 072 Data Management Strategy Development Distance Learning
CLM 075 Data Acquisition Distance Learning
CLM 076 Data Markings Distance Learning
Additional Credential Information
Expiration 3 years from date earned.
All students must have a DAUID.
Enroll in a Credential through the DAU Learning Management System (LMS) at