CCON 007A Defective Pricing Credential

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CCON 007A Defective Pricing Credential
(Last Modified: 13-Mar-2024)


Contracting officers, legal counsel and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) auditors handling defective pricing claims under the Truth in Negotiations Act will receive specialized training in processing defective pricing findings from the DCAA audit through settlement or litigation. You'll receive an introduction to defective pricing, Truth in Negotiation Act requirements, cost or pricing data definitions, subcontractor defective pricing, statutes of limitations, offsets, Price Negotiation Memoranda significance and contract audit follow-up procedures. Learn the intricacies of the pricing process by following the flow from DCAA auditor assignments through settlement, utilizing a DAU-developed Contract Disputes Act interest calculator to compute mandatory interest for overpayments. Upon completion of this credential, you’ll master strategies for navigating defective pricing claims, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the process from audit to settlement or litigation.

Estimated time to complete this credential is 10 hours. Earn up to 11 CLPs.

Target Attendees
The target audience is Contracting Officers, Legal counsel, and DCAA auditors involved in settling defective pricing claims under the Truth in Negotiations Act.
ID Title Delivery Method
CON 7700 Defective Pricing Online Training (OLT)
CON 7710 Novel Negotiation Strategies Online Training (OLT)
CCON 007A Interest Calculator Exercise Online Training (OLT)
CCON 007A Defective Pricing Game Online Training (OLT)
CCON 007A Capstone Assessment Online Training (OLT)
Additional Credential Information
Expiration 5 years from date earned.
Continuous Learning Points
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Deployed Date 9/11/2023
ACE Recommended Credits N/A
  • Predecessor courses may not be used to complete credential requirements.
  • All students must have a DAUID.
  • Enroll in a Credential through the DAU Virtual Campus at