CCON 006 Incentive Contracting Credential

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CCON 006 Incentive Contracting Credential
(Last Modified: 11-Jul-2024)



Welcome to the Incentive Contracting Credential! In this comprehensive credential, students will delve into the intricate world of incentive contracting, gaining a profound understanding of its principles, methodologies, and real-world applications. Throughout the curriculum, students will explore various types of incentive contracts, including Fixed-Price Incentive (Firm Target), Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee, Award-Fee, Award-Term, and Multiple Incentive Contracting, supplemented by practical video examples illustrating their usage in diverse scenarios.

Throughout the program, students will have access to a series of engaging videos showcasing real-life examples of incentive contracting in action. These practical demonstrations will provide invaluable insights into the application of theoretical concepts in diverse industries and contexts, enhancing students' ability to navigate complex contracting environments with confidence and proficiency. In today's dynamic business landscape, mastering the art of incentive contracting is essential for organizations seeking to optimize performance, manage risks, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with contractors and suppliers. By completing the CCON 006 Incentive Contracting Credential, students will emerge equipped with the knowledge, skills, and practical insights needed to excel in this critical aspect of contract management and procurement. Join us on this transformative learning journey and unlock the potential of incentive contracting to drive success in your organization.

Estimated time to complete this credential is approximately 20 hours. Earn up to 22 CLPs.

Target Attendees
Any Government contracting, contract administration, pricing, auditing, and interested DoD employees seeking to understand incentive contracts.
ID Title Delivery Method
CCON 006 Incentive Contracting Credential Videos Video
CON 7600 Introduction to Incentive Contracting Online Training (OLT)
CON 7610 Fixed-Price Incentive (Firm Target) Contracts Online Training (OLT)
CCON 006 FPIF Videos Video
CON 7620 Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee (CPIF) Contracts Online Training (OLT)
CCON 006 CPIF Videos Video
CON 7630 Award-Fee and Award-Term Contracts Online Training (OLT)
CON 7640 Multiple - Incentive Contracts Online Training (OLT)
CCON 006 Capstone Assessment Video
Additional Credential Information
Expiration 5 years from date earned.
Continuous Learning Points
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Deployed Date
ACE Recommended Credits N/A
Credential Specifics: This credential is divided into four sections.
  1. In the first section, learners will be introduced to contract incentives by viewing several videos and completing CON 7600, Introduction to Incentive Contracting. CCON 006 - Incentive Contracting Credential will include:
    • Introduction to Incentive Contracting Video
    • Introduction to the Incentive Contracting Credential
    • Incentive Strategy Process Video
  2. In the second section, learners will concentrate on Fixed-Price Incentive contracting by taking CON 7610, Fixed-Price Incentive (Firm Target) Contracts, followed by several videos. CCON 006 - FPIF Videos will include:
    • DoD FPIF Graphing Tool
    • F-22 Sustainment Incentive Strategy with Brian Vance
    • Incentive Strategy Process
    • Striking the Balance - FPIF Contracts with Leslie Overturf
    • Fixed Price Incentive Contracting Arrangements
  3. In the third section, learners will focus on Cost-Plus-Incentive contracting by taking CON 7620, Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee (CPIF) Contracts, followed by several videos. CCON 006 - CPIF Videos will include:
    • DoD CPIF Graphing Tool
    • FPIF and CPIF Acquisition and Negotiation Strategies
    • Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Incentive Strategy
    • Cost-Plus Incentive Fees - A Striking the Balance Event
  4. Finally, in the fourth section, learners will take two on-line courses: CON 7630, Award-Fee Contracting and CON 7640, Multiple Incentive Contracting. After students complete the Credential Assessment, they will be awarded the Incentive Contracting Credential which is good for five years!
Additional Information:
  • Predecessor courses may not be used to complete credential requirements.
  • All students must have a DAUID.
  • IE is not an accepted browser.
  • Enroll in a Credential through the DAU Virtual Campus at