CCON 016 Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Credential

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CCON 016 Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Credential
(Last Modified: 23-Mar-2023)


In this credential, learners will develop analytical and visualization skills improving the learner’s ability to analyze and display data using advanced Excel functions, creative visualizations, and powerful automation features. The courses in this credential will equip the learner with a comprehensive set of tools for transforming, linking, and analyzing data; including a broad range of charts and interactive dashboards. This credential begins with an introductory video where senior contracting leaders discuss the importance of acquiring a data analytics skillset. From there, students will enroll in the Excel Data Analytics and Visualization courses: Excel Fundamentals for Data Analytics, Data Visualization in Excel, and Excel Power Tools for Data Analytics. Upon completion of the Data Analytics and Visualization courses, students will view a DoD Application which highlights ways in which data analytics and visualization can be applied in the DoD; best practices for acquiring data; illustrations on how to use data analytics and visualization in proposal analysis; and a comparison of the top data analysis tools available in the marketplace. Learners who are unfamiliar with Excel should consider completing CCON 018, Excel Skills for Business, prior to enrolling in this credential.

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Target Attendees
ID Title Delivery Method
HOS 0009 Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis Online Training (OLT)
HOS 0010 Data Visualization in Excel Online Training (OLT)
HOS 0011 Excel Power Tools for Data Analysis Online Training (OLT)
CCON 016 Introductory Video Video
CCON 016 DoD Analytics and Visualization Capstone Online Training (OLT)
Additional Credential Information
Expiration 5 years from date earned.
This credential is restricted to DoD government civilian and military students only.
Continuous Learning Points
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Deployed Date 5/16/2022
ACE Recommended Credits N/A
  • Expected time to complete this credential is 50 hours.
  • Predecessor courses may not be used to complete credential requirements.
  • All students must have a DAUID.
  • Enroll in a Credential through the DAU Virtual Campus at

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