CALD 001 Resilience Credential

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CALD 001 Resilience Credential
(Last Modified: 16-Aug-2022)


Our current work culture is a direct reflection of the increasing complexity and demands faced by Defense Acquisition professionals globally. People who can’t handle a fast pace or uncertainty are less likely to feel motivated and more likely to become overwhelmed. That’s why resilience is among the most important skills for leaders at all levels to master. Resilience gives us the power to overcome setbacks and deal with change so we can live the life we’ve always imagined.

This credential provides tools and frameworks to help build your resilience so you can roll with the punches and cope with what life throws at you; to adapt and bounce back when things don't go as planned. The good news is, even if you’re not a naturally resilient person, you can learn to develop your resilience.

There are two separate challenges with this workplace challenge capstone exercise. Over the next 10 days, at the end of each day write a short reflection on what happened during that day to challenge your resilience and how you handled it. You will select one strength you identified in your Strength Inventory worksheet as a strength you would like to develop. Over the next 20 days, work on developing your growth mindset in this area by applying the S.M.A.R.T. goals you developed for this strength on your S.M.A.R.T. Goals worksheet. After 20 days, write a reflection on the progress you have made toward developing your chosen strength and explain how working on this has reinforced the benefits of applying a growth mindset.

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Target Attendees
Acquisition professionals at all levels who seek to learn ways to get things done with and through others, deal with workplace challenges, and prepare to take on new roles.
ID Title Delivery Method
ALD 0010 Mastering the Strategic Moment Online Training (OLT)
ALD 0020 Mindfulness Online Training (OLT)
ALD 0030 Professionalism Online Training (OLT)
ALD 0070 Growing as an Acquisition Leader Online Training (OLT)
CALD 001 Capstone Assessment Online Training (OLT)
Additional Credential Information
Expiration 5 years from date earned.
Continuous Learning Points
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Deployed Date 4/22/2022
ACE Recommended Credits N/A
  • Expected time to complete this credential is 16 hours
  • Predecessor courses may not be used to complete credential requirements.
  • All students must have a DAUID.
  • Enroll in a Credential through the DAU Virtual Campus at

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