CIND 001 Industrial Contract Property Management Credential

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CIND 001 Industrial Contract Property Management Credential
(Last Modified: 27-Aug-2021)


This credential provides foundational knowledge that is critical to understanding the overall management of Government contract property, to include Government and contractor roles and responsibilities. The credential provides an overview of the Government property related regulations and DoD instructions and how they are applied.
Target Attendees
This credential is primarily targeted to acquisition professionals, Industrial Contract Property Management Specialists, Industrial Property Clearance Specialists, Property Book Officers, and others seeking knowledge in the area of Industrial Contract Property Management
Course Title Delivery Method
CLC 011 Contracting for the Rest of Us Distance Learning
CON 0510 Managing Government Property in the Possession of Contractors Distance Learning
CLM 037 Physical Inventories Distance Learning
IND 105 Contract Property Fundamentals Resident or Virtual
CIND 001 Exam Distance Learning
Additional Credential Information
Expiration 5 years from date earned.
Priority for instructor-led courses goes to members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce.
Continuous Learning Points
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Deployed Date 8/27/2021
Predecessor Courses may not be used to complete credential requirements.

This credential requires the completion of an instructor led course. Priority for instructor led courses goes to members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce. All others may find it difficult to complete this requirement if it has not already been completed at the time of enrollment in the credential.

All students must have a DAUID.
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