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Type of Assignment  Representative Activities
Weapon Systems   Structures and guides systems engineering activities.
  Establishes a risk/opportunity program; structures and conducts technical reviews.
  Works with contracting personnel.
  Maintains configuration control.
  Leads IPTs in support of developing and delivering a weapon system, C2/network-centric system, or space system.
Services   Structures incentives tied to desired outcomes for service contracts, prepares plans for mitigating risks, provides contract tracking and oversight.
  Performs most acquisition planning tasks as established in Attachment 1 to AT&L Services Memo of Oct. 2, 2006.
Business Mgt Systems/IT  Leads IPTs, identifies and manages enterprise-level business systems and issues, and applies performance measures within the acquisition community and program office context that directly impact systems under development.
Core Certification Standards (required for DAWIA certification)
 Acquisition Training   The virtual or "V" version of a course noted by the "V" after the course number in the course ID is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of a course.
  ACQ 2020  Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A
  ACQ 2030  Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B (R)
 Functional Training   PMT 2520  Program Management Tools Course, Part I
  PMT 2570V  Program Management Tools Course
  CON 121  Contract Planning
  CON 124  Contract Execution
  CON 127  Contract Management
  EVM 101  Fundamentals of Earned Value Management
  ISA 1011  Basic Information Systems Acquisition
 Education Formal education not required for certification
 Experience 2 years in program management with cost, schedule, and performance responsibilities

Core Plus Development Guide (desired training, education, and experience) Type of Assignment
Training Wpn Sys Services Bus Mgt/IT
  ACQ 315 Understanding Industry (R)
  BCF 216 Applied Operating and Support Cost Analysis (R)
  CLE 004 Introduction to Lean Enterprise Concepts
  CLE 022 Program Manager Introduction to Anti-Tamper    
  CLM 025 Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Acquisition for Program Managers
  CLM 031 Improved Statement of Work  
  LOG 0020 Defense Logistics Agency Support to the PM  
  LOG 0060 Public-Private Partnerships  
  LOG 105 Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management  
  PQM 101 Production, Quality, and Manufacturing Fundamentals  
 Master’s degree, preferably with a major in engineering, systems management, business administration, or a related field
 2 additional years acquisition experience, preferably in a systems program office or similar organization
1 The Core Certification Standards section lists the training and/or education and experience REQUIRED for certification at this level for this career field within 24 months of assignment.
2 An "(R)" following a course title indicates the course is delivered as resident-based instruction.
5 When preparing your IDP, you and your supervisor should consider the training, education, and experience listed in the Core Plus Development Guide at this and the lower level(s) if not already completed.
11 Workforce members assigned to the position(s) listed in the Unique Position Training Standards section MUST meet these training standard(s) within 24 months of assignment.
21 A virtual instructor-led version of a course is available, the course number is noted by the “V” after the course ID. The “V” course is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of the course. For example, ACQ 2030V is acceptable in lieu of ACQ 2030. A separate concept card is available at: