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Type of Assignment  Representative Activities
Budget/Program FM Analyst   Applies general knowledge of budget and program principles, policies, procedures, concepts, standards, terminology, and financial management and business operation systems
  Applies knowledge of acquisition life-cycle process and supports development and preparation of acquisition documents
  Prepares and/or reviews acquisition and financial management documents
  Review, allocate, or manage acquisition resources and programs
EVM Analyst   Interprets program status and predicts trends by analyzing earned value cost and schedule data as an element of integrated program management
  Applies EVM concepts as principal EVM member of an IBR review IPT
  Interprets ANSI EVM standard as entry-level EVMS review team evaluator
  Completes EVM requirements for acquisition solicitation packages
Core Certification Standards (required for DAWIA certification)
 Acquisition Training   The virtual or "V" version of a course noted by the "V" after the course number in the course ID is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of a course.
  ACQ 202  Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A
  ACQ 203  Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B (R)
 Functional Training   Functional Training Identified at Level 1 as well as:
  BCF 221  Intermediate Financial Management Concepts
  BCF 225  Acquisition Business Management Application (R)
  BCF 275  Applied Business Analysis Techniques (R)
  CLB 037  The Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF)
  CLC 011  Contracting for the Rest of Us
  PMT 0170  Risk Management
  AND choose one of the following three (3) course options listed below:
  ACQ 3700  Acquisition Law (R)
  EVM 202  Intermediate Earned Value Management (R)
  EVM 263  Principles of Schedule Management (R)
 Education Formal education not required for certification
 Experience 4 years of acquisition experience in Budgeting, Financial and/or Earned Value Management

Core Plus Development Guide (desired training, education, and experience) Type of Assignment
Training Bgt/Prg FM Analyst EVM Analyst
  ACQ 1650 Defense Acquisition of Services
  ACQ 230V International Acquisition Integration  
  BCF 206 Cost Risk Analysis (R)
  BCF 216 Applied Operating and Support Cost Analysis (R)
  BCF 230V Intermediate Cost Analysis  
  CLB 025 Total Ownership Cost
  CLB 026 Forecasting Techniques
  CLB 029 Rates
  CLB 038 Comparative Analysis  
  CLB 039 Cost Estimation Terminology  
  CLC 005 Simplified Acquisition Procedures
  CLC 013 Services Acquisition
  CLC 056 Analyzing Contract Costs
  CLC 060 Time and Materials Contracts
  CLC 110 Spend Analysis Strategies
  CLC 135 Understanding Incentive and Other Contract Types
  CLE 077 Defense Business Systems (DBS) Acquisition  
  CLG 0010 DoD Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Overview  
  CLM 048 Audit Readiness Requirements for DoD Equipment
  CLM 059 Fundamentals of Small Business for the Acquisition Workforce
  CON 0070 Source Selection
  CON 121 Contract Planning
  PMT 0140 Team Management and Leadership
  PMT 2520 Program Management Tools Course, Part I  
  PMT 257V Program Management Tools Course, Part II  
 Baccalaureate degree in business or a business-related field
 4 years of acquisition experience in Budgeting, Financial and/or Earned Value Management in support of an acquisition program
1 The Core Certification Standards section lists the training and/or education and experience REQUIRED for certification at this level for this career field within 24 months of assignment.
2 An "(R)" following a course title indicates the course is delivered as resident-based instruction.
5 When preparing your IDP, you and your supervisor should consider the training, education, and experience listed in the Core Plus Development Guide at this and the lower level(s) if not already completed.
21 A virtual instructor-led version of a course is available, the course number is noted by the “V” after the course ID. The “V” course is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of the course. For example, ACQ 203V is acceptable in lieu of ACQ 203. A separate concept card is available at: