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Type of Assignment  Representative Activities
Science and Technology  Organizes, conducts, and/or monitors science and technology activities including basic research, applied research and/or advanced technology development; may also provide direct support to acquisition program managers.
Core Certification Standards (required for DAWIA certification)
 Acquisition Training  ACQ 202  Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A
 Functional Training   The virtual or "V" version of a course noted by the "V" after the course number in the course ID is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of a course.
  CLE 021  Technology Readiness Assessments
  STM 0010  Prototyping and Experimentation
  STM 204  Intermediate Science and Technology Management (R)
 Education Baccalaureate or graduate degree in a technical or scientific field such as, but not limited to, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, mathematics, operations research, engineering management, or computer science
 Experience 2 years of technical experience related to science and technology management

Core Plus Development Guide (desired training, education, and experience) Type of Assignment
Training Science and Technology
  ACQ 160 Program Protection Planning Awareness
  BFM 0040 Budget Policy
  CLC 013 Services Acquisition
  CLC 060 Time and Materials Contracts
  CLC 063 Sole Source Proposal Technical Evaluations
  CLC 106 Contracting Officer's Representative with a Mission Focus
  CLE 003 Technical Reviews
  CLE 009 ESOH in Systems Engineering
  CLE 301 Reliability and Maintainability
  CLM 031 Improved Statement of Work
  CLV 016 Introduction to Earned Value Management
  LOG 0120 Supportability Analysis Fundamentals
  LOG 1000 Life Cycle Logistics Fundamentals
  PMT 0120 Program Scheduling
 None specified
 None specified
1 The Core Certification Standards section lists the training and/or education and experience REQUIRED for certification at this level for this career field within 24 months of assignment.
2 An "(R)" following a course title indicates the course is delivered as resident-based instruction.
21 A virtual instructor-led version of a course is available, the course number is noted by the “V” after the course ID. The “V” course is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of the course. For example, ACQ 2030V is acceptable in lieu of ACQ 2030. A separate concept card is available at: