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Type of Assignment  Representative Activities
Purchasing Agent or Supervisory Purchasing Agent  Purchases, rents, or leases supplies, services and equipment through either simplified acquisition procedures or placement of orders against pre-established contractual instruments to support operational requirements
Core Certification Standards (required for DAWIA certification)
 Acquisition Training None required
 Functional Training   CON 121  Contract Planning
  CON 124  Contract Execution
  CON 127  Contract Management
  CLC 033  Contract Format and Structure for DoD e-Business
 Education Formal education not required for certification
 Experience 2 years of experience in purchasing

Core Plus Development Guide (desired training, education, and experience) Type of Assignment
Training Sup/Pur Agent
  ACQ 1010 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management
  CLC 020 Commercial Item Determination
  CLC 027 Buy American Statute
  CLC 060 Time and Materials Contracts
  CLC 104 Analyzing Profit or Fee
  CON 216 Legal Considerations in Contracting
 32 semester hours of undergraduate work with emphasis in business.
 None specified
1 The Core Certification Standards section lists the training and/or education and experience REQUIRED for certification at this level for this career field within 24 months of assignment.
8 Level II is the highest certification level for this career field.
9 The Core Certification Standards section lists the training, education, and experience required for certification at this level. To be certified at this level, workforce members must also possess a Level I certification in Purchasing.
10 When preparing your IDP, you and your supervisor should consider the training, education, and experience listed in the Core Plus Development Guide at this and the lower level(s) if not already completed. Personnel that have completed all elements of this and the lower-level guide should consider the guides associated with the Contracting career field for further development.