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Type of Assignment  Representative Activities
1 - Operational Contracting  Contracting functions in support of post, camp or stations
2 - Research and Development  Contracting functions in support of research and development
3 - Sys Acquisition  Contracting functions in support of systems acquisition to include all ACAT programs
4 - Logistics and Sustainment  Contracting functions performed by the Defense Logistics Agency or by other offices to sustain weapon systems
5 - Construction/ A&E  Contracting functions in support of construction and/or architect and engineering services
6 - Contingency/ Combat Ops  Contracting functions performed in a contingency or combat environment
7 - Contract Admin Office  Contracting function is primarily focused on contract administration
8 - Contract Cost/Price Analyst  Contracting function is primarily focused on advanced cost/price analysis
9 - Small Bus Specialist  Contracting function is primarily focused on advising small businesses or on strategies for maximizing use of small businesses
10 - Other  Contracting functions that perform a variety of assignments or are at a headquarters, secretariat, or OSD
Core Certification Standards (required for DAWIA certification)
 Acquisition Training None required
 Functional Training   The virtual or "V" version of a course noted by the "V" after the course number in the course ID is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of a course
  CON 091  Contract Fundamentals (R)
  CON 121  Contract Planning
  CON 100  Shaping Smart Business Arrangements
  CON 124  Contract Execution
  CON 127  Contract Management
  CON 170  Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis (R)
  CLC 033  Contract Format and Structure for DoD e-Business Environment
  CLC 056  Analyzing Contract Costs
  CLC 057  Performance Based Payments and Value of Cash Flow
  CLM 059  Fundamentals of Small Business for the Acquisition Workforce
  CLC 058  Introduction to Contract Pricing
 Education Baccalaureate degree (Any Field of Study)
 Experience 1 year of contracting experience.

Unique Position Training Standards
Contracting personnel assigned to support a MDAP/MAIS program   ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management

Core Plus Development Guide (desired training, education, and experience) Type of Assignment
Training 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  CLC 003 Sealed Bidding              
  CLC 004 Market Research
  CLC 005 Simplified Acquisition Procedures  
  CLC 009 Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business Program  
  CLC 020 Commercial Item Determination
  CLC 024 Basic Math Tutorial  
  CLC 028 Past Performance Information  
  CLC 030 Essentials of Interagency Acquisitions/Fair Opportunity
  CLC 043 Defense Priorities and Allocations System  
  CLC 045 Partnering    
  CLC 046 DoD Sustainable Procurement Program
  CLC 054 Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS)
  CLC 055 Competition Requirements
  CLC 060 Time and Materials Contracts
  CLC 062 Intra-Governmental Transactions
  CLC 113 Procedures, Guidance, and Information
  CLC 132 Organizational Conflicts of Interest
  CLG 0010 DoD Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Overview
  CLM 023 DAU AbilityOne Training
  CON 237 Simplified Acquisition Procedures  
  CON 243 Architect-Engineer Contracting (R)                  
  CON 244 Construction Contracting (R)                  
  LOG 100 Life Cycle Logistics Fundamentals          
  LOG 105 Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management          
  SPS 101 Standard Procurement System and federal Procurement Data System -- Next Generation User
 None specified
 None specified
1 The Core Certification Standards section lists the training and/or education and experience REQUIRED for certification at this level for this career field within 24 months of assignment.
2 An "(R)" following a course title indicates the course is delivered as resident-based instruction.
5 When preparing your IDP, you and your supervisor should consider the training, education, and experience listed in the Core Plus Development Guide at this and the lower level(s) if not already completed.
7 Workforce members assigned to the position(s) identified in the Unique Position Training Standards section should meet the training standard(s) identified within 12 months of assignment.
12 See 10 U.S.C. 1724 exempts DoD GS-1102 series employees and military equivalents serving in the DoD on or before 30 Sep 2000; contracting officers with authority to award in excess of the SAT serving on or before 30 Sep 2000; as well as members of the Contingency Contracting Force from the requirement for a Baccalaureate degree.
21 A virtual instructor-led version of a course is available, the course number is noted by the “V” after the course ID. The “V” course is acceptable in lieu of the (R) version of the course. For example, ACQ 203V is acceptable in lieu of ACQ 203. A separate concept card is available at: