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Type of Assignment  Representative Activities
Contract Auditor  Conduct high quality contract audit services to ensure that the government is paying for prices for what it buys. Specifically, we concentrate on audits of contractor financial records and systems, management reports, and its controls, policies, procedures and practices.
Core Certification Standards (required for DAWIA certification)
 Acquisition Training None Required
 Functional Training   Complete the following classes in the New Hire Training Continuum (see note 18 & 24):
  AUD 100A  New Hire Onboarding (R)
  AUD 101  Basic Contract Audit Skills (R)
  AUD 102  Audit Applications (R)
 Education   Must meet one of the following:
  A baccalaureate degree in accounting; or
  A baccalaureate degree in a business-related field with at least 24 semester credit hours in accounting; or 4 years of experience in accounting; or an equivalent combination of accounting experience, college education, and training.
 Experience 1 year of contract auditing experience

Core Plus Development Guide (desired training, education, and experience) Type of Assignment
Training None Specified
 None Specified
 None Specified
2 An "(R)" following a course title indicates the course is delivered as resident-based instruction.
4 For information on Defense Contract Audit Institute (DCAI) courses, please email the DCAI Registrar at
18 The DCAA New Hire Training Continuum includes training modules addressing Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS).
22 The Core Certification Standards section lists the training and/or education and experience REQUIRED for certification at this level for this career field within 12 months of assignment.
23 For non-DCAA students, Resident and Virtual classes are available on a space-available basis only and e-learning classes are not currently available.
24 A "(V)" following a course title indicates the course is also available as virtual instructor-led training (VILT). The course number in the DCAA course catalog will include a “V” (e.g., AUD351V) indicating a VILT class.