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Functional Area Certification Standards

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Core Certification Standards (required for DAWIA certification)
 Education No education requirement for certification
 Training   ACQ 1010  Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management
  ETM 1010  Leading Change Fundamentals
  ETM 1020  Mission and Systems Thinking Fundamentals
  ETM 1030  Requirements Definition and Analysis Fundamentals
  ETM 1040  Technical Management Fundamentals
  ETM 1050  Design Considerations Fundamentals
  ETM 1060  Product Realization Fundamentals
  ETM 1070  Digital Literacy Fundamentals
  ETM 1080  Software Literacy Fundamentals
  ETM 1090  Technical Perspectives on Defense Contracting Fundamentals
 Experience One year relevant acquisition experience with evidence of demonstrated proficiency (awareness) in ETM competencies
 Assessment None required
 Certification Currency 80 hours of Continuous Learning (CL) every 2 years per DoDI 5000.66

Functional/Interdisciplinary Developmental Recommendations
Assignment Type  Opportunities
Science and Technology Functional Area
   CENG 012 Technology Project Management Credential
  CENG 013 - Technology Portfolio Management (in development)

   CCON 021 Contracting for Research and Development Credential
   CCON 023 Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Credential
Systems Engineering Functional Area
   CCYB 001 Program Protection Credential
   CENG 001 Digital Engineering for DoD Consumers Credential
  CENG 015 - Intermediate Cyber Resilient Credential (in development)
  CENG 016 - SE Intermediate Requirements & Architecture Credential (in development)
  CENG 017 - SE Intermediate SE Management Credential (in development)
  CENG 018 - SE Intermediate: Product Development Credential (in development)
  CENG XXX - Intermediate Digital Engineering Credential (in development)
  CENG XXX - Advanced Digital Engineering Credential (in development)
  CENG XXX - Advanced Secure Cyber-Resilient Engineering Credential (planned)
  CENG XXX - Advanced Systems Engineering Credential (planned)
  CENG XXX - Human Systems Integration Credential (planned)

Manufacturing and Quality Functional Area
   CENG 001 Digital Engineering for DoD Consumers Credential
  CENG 019 - Quality Surveillance Credential (planned)
  CENG 020 - Manufacturing Surveillance Credential (planned)
  CENG XXX - Manufacturing Readiness Assessment Credential (planned)
  CENG XXX - Process Capability and Control Credential (planned)
  CENG XXX - Quality Management Credential (planned)

Mission Engineering Functional Area
   CENG 001 Digital Engineering for DoD Consumers Credential
  CENG 014 - Mission Engineering Fundamentals Credential (in development)
  CENG XXX - Intermediate Mission Engineering Credential (in development)
  CENG XXX - Advanced Mission Engineering Credential (in development)

Cybersecurity Functional Area
   CCYB 001 Program Protection Credential
   CCYB 002 Cybersecurity for Program Managers Credential
   CENG 001 Digital Engineering for DoD Consumers Credential

Software Development Functional Area
   CENG 004 Agile DoD Team Member Credential
   ACQ 1700V Agile for DoD Acquisition Team Members
   CLE 081 Software Assurance (SwA) Awareness
   WSA 001 DEVSECOPS for the DoD: Fundamentals
   WSA 002 DEVSECOPS for the DoD: Security Focus
   WSA 006 Modern Software for Senior Leaders (MSSL) Workshop
  CENG 003 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intermediate Credential (in development)
  CENG 005 - DevSecOps Intermediate Credential (in development)
  CENG 006 - DevSecOps Advanced Credential (planned)
  CENG 007 - Intermediate SW Engineer Credential (planned)
  CENG 008 - Advanced SW Engineer Credential (planned)
  CENG 009 - Intermediate SW Assurance (SwA) Intermediate Credential (planned)
  CENG 010 - Advanced SW Assurance (SwA) Credential (planned)
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   CLCL 009 Information Technology Life Cycle Support Credential

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