The DAU Equivalency Program
Overview/Quick Reference for Potential Providers

This page last updated October 2, 2012

Below are some basic questions, answers and quick reference links to orient potential equivalent providers.  

Who is eligible to become an equivalent provider? 

Any entity legally authorized to conduct business in the United States.

What is the process?

The details are contained in DAU Directive 708, DAU Course Equivalency Program.

Fundamentally, it is a two phase process.  First the provider is assessed and approved and then the equivalent products the provider desires to be assessed are reviewed. 

Phase I details                    Phase II details

How long does the process take?

Once a completed package is received:

To be approved as a provider - approximately 4 weeks

To have a produce approved - approximately 7 weeks

Is there DAU course material available to assist in developing equivalent products?

Yes.  Once a partnership has been established via a Memorandum of Understanding and the provider has been approved, DAU will share course information.

Are there any fees associated with being a provider?

Yes. As noted in the above phase charts, DAU approved 3rd party organizations actually conduct the reviews and will make a recommendation. The approved 3rd party organizations will charge a fee for their services. DAU is not involved in establishing or negotiating these fees.

Who are the DAU approved 3rd party organizations?

American Council on Education

Curriculum and Training Solutions

Who do I contact at DAU if I have questions?

The DAU Equivalency Program Manager